The Vulcan 900 Custom is the jewel in the mid-size Kawasaki cruiser family. This chrome cruiser in charge is more than beautiful. Like his brothers and sisters 903cc, the 900 Custom big-bike is the feeling generated by an engine that pulls cleanly around the city and enjoys exceptional deployment on the acceleration which corresponds to the appearance and go much larger motorcycles.
What separates the Custom from the crowd is a unique design. To get this reduction, Kawasaki engineers and designers concentrated on providing a motorcycle which provides appearances usually reserved for expensive two-wheeled tenders. A huge rear tire, light-research put forward by a thin 21-inch cast wheels, sculpted body and highlight the characteristics of the Vulcan 900 Custom.

Perhaps one of the most striking examples of Kawasaki is committed to providing these Vulcan cruiser with a look to match its “custom” designation are the rays of its large diameter of 21 inches front wheels cast itself a few rare custom-building world. Organized in pairs, the shelves were designed by hand for a visual appeal.

Complete lightness trimmed look down on the front wheel is a low, wide rear, with a 15-inch cast wheels and tires 180mm give the rider the feeling of sitting on a motorcycle made for him (or her) alone. Designed to highlight the elegance as its Feisty, fuel injection V-Twin power, the Vulcan 900 Custom is sure to have a wide audience.

Employing its own version of the minimalist design, Kawasaki has produced a cruiser which is just enough of everything that is right. Even the visual contrast of the front and rear wheels is reinforced by the simplicity and subtlety of the fuel tank. His carefully molded and gently curved shape provides a visual connection that literally all links highly personalized approach of the Vulcan 900 Custom.
Whether moving at a speed highway around midnight a jaunt through the tools or local streets on the way to work, the Vulcan 900 Custom light, sporty handling to keep ahead of the pack in the eyes of many motorcyclists. Excellent stability, good power, easy handling, and attractiveness surprising that this new Kawasaki possess one.

Available in three colors selections from 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom offers aesthetic style in a platform that is perfect for personalization with Kawasaki accessories.


– 903cc V-twin engine SOHC listening to provide healthy dose of torque at low rpm
– Smooth and reliable
– Gear-balancer engine can use the single pin crankshaft without heavy vibrations
– Rubber-mounted to eliminate vibrations from the engine at all speeds
Four Valve Cylinder Head
– Provides a maximum flow valve area optimal for more power and low-end torque
– Only overhead camshaft design is simple, lightweight and convenient
– Very effective function of the contribution of tracts that reduce ports near the combustion chamber to increase intake flow for more efficient filling and increase torque
– Long injection of large tracts of low-end response
Liquid and Air Cooling
– Exceptional thermal control finned with bottles and head and combination liquid cooling
– Maintenance of motor temperature constant for long engine life and sustained power
– Automatic fan helps keep things cool
– Including warning light temperature
Automatic cam chain tensioner
– Keeping valve timing indicates that maintenance
– Provides greater reliability
– Hidden from view to preserve the cleanliness of the engine, basic search
Dual slash-cut mufflers
– Big slash silent impeccable cut and contain catalysts honeycomb to reduce emissions
Positive Neutral Finder
– Simply lifting the pedal change of first gear at a stop easy to find neutral, whenever
Electronic Fuel Injection
– Double body with gases in gas provide optimum performance and rideability
– Sub gas, which is located behind the main gas valve, are controlled by the ECU so that the DFI ® keeps more precise throttle response, similar to a constant speed carburetor
– Fine-atomizing them with a blast fuel injectors produce a fine mist of fuel for better acceleration, combustion and fuel consumption
Belt Drive
– Low unsprung weight than the tree to improve ride quality and suspension of action
– More effective if more power to the rear wheel
– Low maintenance and low noise
Double cradle framework
– Very large diameter rigid box section base allows a larger fuel tank, and contributes to high stability and handling light at low speed
– Oscillating triangular resembles a hardtail design, but acts on a single shock hidden under the seat
– Long and low for a minimum seat height maximum visual impact
– Fork framework shift and geometry to combine the light, low-effort treatment for ultra-low speed
– Helps wheelbase along the highway stability
41mm front fork
– Excellent rigidity and 5.9 inches of travel
– 33 degrees rake and 7.2 inches on course for an excellent stability in a straight line
– Grand location for classic fork
Front and rear disc brakes
– A 300mm front and rear 270mm disc has two piston calipers for some of the best stopping power in the classroom
Custom Cast 21-inch front wheel
– Placed in pairs, the wheels of 18 “Ray” were designed by hand
– Tapered and supported in both directions, each line and each surface 3-D is exquisite spoke curves
Large rear tire
– 180mm rear tire adds to stability while projecting a strong image
– Tire wider than that found on most large displacement cruisers
– Custom cast 15 “rear wheel contrasts the” light “, large front wheel
Reservoir speed mounted on tour with signal indicators and caution lights
– Gives you the information you need at a glance
– Compact design complete the bike look
Carved Body
– The fuel tank has a double valley design, with a dynamic tension and the presence of all its own
– Composed entirely of curves continuously different rays, double theme of the valley of the design continues in the rear fender and the hand-sculpted contours are designed to be pleasing to both the eye and touch
– End of the rear fender has a relatively straight cut to balance the lines of the bike
Custom Features
– Clean lighthouse design is weak and isolated without a blanket or fork central projector bar
– Chrome projector, projector mounting, lower triple clamp and flashing and footpegs, lever for change and rear brake lever
– Small, minimalist fender and the lack of front fork covers also contribute to the thin appearance of the preliminary
– Sporty, straight-style handlebar adds to the custom motorcycle style. Instead of tightening handlebars, tubes elegant double curve back to the top triple clamp. Both the handlebars and double tubes are fully chromed
– One-piece “gunfighter” style seat is designed to be comfortable pilot and the passenger accommodation and a custom-look
– Chrome front-mounted footpegs instead floor add to the image and improve control rider
– Matte black frame emphasizes the chrome finish
– Standard toe-operated lever for change instead of a heel-toe shifter

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