Its 903cc engine offers exceptional roll-on acceleration and allows the Vulcan 900 family claim the greatest power and torque in the mid-size class cruiser. Not only are the 900 Classic in many cruisers biggest thank you to his great-style motorcycle and physical presence, but do so while offering a better value for money, easier handling, and better performance than the rest of the crowd.
Matching the performance of the Vulcan 900 is a central chassis with great charisma and class leader ergonomics. Graceful fenders and fuel tanks to give the cruiser classic curves while the polished chrome-accented and an air cleaner design chrome accent flagship cruiser these roots. Black mat subtle touches strengthen a mechanical as supplemented by modern and elegant style from his body, rear, and low-slung seat height.
The pleasure of the eyes continues with fins motor adding to the traditional appearance of large, fuel-injected V-twin, who has four valves per cylinder, liquid-cooled reliability, vibration and an engine-against cancellation rocking.
A belt on the Vulcan 900 retains the weight down, improves the rear of style and provides the rider with opportunities for customization. Allowing the Vulcan 900 evoke the atmosphere of a much larger motorcycle is a beefy rear tire, the largest of its kind, and a single pin crankshaft to produce that distinctive guttural, classic V-twin sound.
The Vulcan 900 the look and feel not to exclude any rider. Its low seat height and conical seating that flows easily in the high-capacity fuel tank and lower chassis rails provides for a reduced form and an effort to reach the sidewalk-ideal for shorter riders. The front bucket seat is quite comfortable for any distance, and the rear pillion pad, it is easy to share the two-wheelers.
At home, street or road, this bike is built for hour on hour of riding pleasure. The wide handlebars, seat and offers an ergonomic floor ideal relationship, which makes a montage of relaxation.
Among other features that make the 900 Vulcan appeal to a wide audience are a fork and rake designed to offset the light, effortless maneuvering at low speeds in town. As for the Vulcan 2000, the 900 is equipped with an auto-fast idle system that uses a relay comments rpm to ensure a fixed engine speed in all conditions of departure. It’s easy to control fuel injection makes ultra-low speed riding surprisingly easy, while abundant low-rpm torque provides a stimulating deployment on the acceleration.
Available in three colors metal selections Diablo Black, Polaris bright blue and red metallic Imperial-the Vulcan 900 Classic offers aesthetic style in a platform that is perfect for personalization with Kawasaki accessories.

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