Standard features with this stylish cruiser Bags are passenger floor, PNR, and a windshield. The bags are reinforced top grain cowhide with chromed brass stud accents on the bag and covers the top of a slash on opening the lid closed by two 1.5-inch wide leather straps with buckles and chrome Quick-fixing stealth. The rolled and riveted top lid to minimize the inflow of water and protects the contents. A metal frame maintains the upper edge of the bags holding their shape.
Matching two bags, the special passenger seat and back are also decorated with brass studs chrome. Together, they offer an attractive and distinctive style. The case of classical style, the two mixtures and visual comfort.
The height adjustment of the windshield is made of thick, correct optical acrylic plastic and is in good shape for the circulation of air and cruise lines classic.
Power for this style of bike is a massive 125ci V-twin with an engine of 103 x 123.2mm bore and stroke, forged pistons, alloy steel rods, a huge inertia 220mm , Dual cams located within the same coin and right crankcase – later pushrods actuating four valves per cylinder. The push design Kawasaki engineers chose to use the engine reduces the height and contributes directly to the Vulcan 2000 Classic LT’s low center of gravity and relatively low height of the seat. Valve hydraulic whip automatically maintain zero adjustment valve for smoother, quieter operation.
An electronic engine control unit (ECU) manages the fuel injection system with dual 46mm throttle bodies and gas valves, combined with an iridium spark plug to provide gas strong response at any rpm. The sub-valves and gas fine atomizing them with a blast helping injectors Vulcan 2000 Classic LT fuel injection to provide a smooth, linear power band with more power and fuel economy optimal.
The top quarter of the V-twin engine is cooled by liquid, while temperatures for three-quarters of the engine are managed by stylish and very functional cooling fins. In addition, the engine and transmission have integrated in the fields of oil and water pumps, and transmission serves as a reservoir of oil.
The chrome air filter cover is nestled between the cylinders, which have a matte-black finish artfully contrast polished shiny metal cooling fins. Cruiser fans will appreciate the Vulcan 2000 Classic LT V-twin sound, thanks in part to the single-pin crankshaft, while the coupling and rubber engine counterbalancers keep proper functioning. Exhaust pipes and silencers to double that emit distinctive V-twin rumble, including honeycomb catalysts to reduce emissions.
To take full advantage of the Vulcan 2000 Classic LT advanced electronics, a position sensor gear in the transmission sends signals to the ECU, strengthen volume of fuel injection and ignition, and therefore improving performance. Finale to the rear wheel is provided by smooth, quiet and low maintenance belt drive.
The engine is a member of the Vulcain of steel, double-cradle frame, which has a large diameter, box-section single tube. A simple but elegant rear swingarm steel tube with a suspension of direct action single shock provides 3.9 inches of travel, with the spring and preload adjustment and relaxation. Up front, a large fork 49mm provides specific comments steering and 5.9 inches of travel.
The Vulcan 2000 Classic LT includes a chip-type projector, dashboard chrome with a high-speed face – mounted on a tense, 5.5 gallons fuel tank, the V-shaped guard panel informed the rider with LCD display and warning lamps.
This bike rides on Vulcan bright, cast aluminum 16-inch wheels with 150/80 front of a radial tire and a huge rear tire radial 200/60. Double 300mm front disc brakes with four piston calipers and a single disc rear brake with two piston caliper save this great cruiser good, powerful stops.

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