This propulsant roaming beauty is a 1552cc V-twin engine generating a lot of low-end torque and the highway authority to take anywhere its road rider. An engine speed against balancer and well-designed engine handlebar and reduce vibration floor, but these characteristics do not interfere with the distinctive character of the V-twin engine rumble or power driven by his unique sense pin crankshaft.

Crucial on a charge Tourism – as when maneuvering in parking lots – 1600 Nomad of the steering geometry is designed so that the motorcycle feels more neutral at low speed, while the rear air suspension adjustable allows the Nomad to maintain the correct geometry, even when a loaded passenger and baggage.

The Nomad 1600 is highlighted by several standard chrome and comfort: Chrome engine guards and a thick passenger seat equipped with a folder and aluminium bars. Flooring for the driver and passenger combine to make long distance journeys more comfortable and pleasant. Streamlining style and hard saddlebags are price and provide storage space for journeys at night.

Self-cancellation of flashing, 5.3 gallons of fuel tank, topped by an elegant electronic speedometer and odometer LED / tripmeter Nomad display owners leave fully enjoy their journey. Other standard features as an adjustable windshield, plush air-assisted rear suspension and adjustable levers tailor the nomadic his rider.

V-Twin Engine
– 1552cc (95 cu. Po) Feisty engine provides acceleration and a wide range gratifying to be able to
– Oversquare 102 x 95mm bore and stroke will ensure hitting response
– Digital Fuel Injection 36 mm with double organs gas
– Four valves per cylinder provide maximum flow valve area optimal
– Double silent allow more permission to Bags
– Maintenance of motor temperature constant for long engine life and sustained power
Gear-engine Balancer
– The engine runs at a speed to cancel vibration
– Allows use of a single pin crankshaft for power desirable impetus feeling
Rubber engine
– Eliminates virtually all engine vibrations
Five-speed transmission
– Big-city around the acceleration with relaxed highway cruising
– Find positive neutral, simply lift the passage of the first pedal to end easily find neutral
Triple disc brakes
– Double discs at the front for maximum power shutdown
– Large, single disc back because transport bicycles touring both the load on the rear wheel
5.3-Gallon Fuel Tank
– While rounded peak at the end clean, high-end look
– Large capacity allows extended range of tourism
Drive Shaft
– Reliable, clean and quiet low-maintenance system
Air-adjustable rear shocks
– Amortization of rebound is four-adjustable to suit the measure ride
Large, adjustable windscreen
– Adjustable at the top and bottom two inches, it provides an excellent rider and passenger protection
– Robust chrome material support holds the windshield rock stable
Hard Bags
– Designed to facilitate the packaging, these bags carry an incredible amount of equipment
– Closed-key, side-open design of good looks and quick access
– Soft, removable inner bags available in optional accessory
– Color adapted to the integration of style
The passenger comfort
– Floor, standard thick file and seat provide maximum passenger comfort on long journeys

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