The heart of the 1500 Classic is its 90 cubic inches injection, liquid-cooled, SOHC V-twin engine features that elegantly carved and polished bottles cooling fins. The engine is mounted on rubber and has a speed engine dispatcher good-vibrations well enough to allow the use of a single crank pin, which helps to produce a V-twin Rumble. Each Main 50-degree V-twin cylinder has four valves operated by a single overhead camshaft and more than 84 foot pounds of torque at 2800 rpm.

Provided with a five-speed transmission, with Kawasaki Positive Neutral Finder, transmission and EFI V-twin power combination offers the perfect blend for the city and street riding effort highway cruising.

The classic cruiser look is long and low, which is exactly how the Vulcan 1500 Classic chassis is designed. An extra-low 27.6-inch seat height, wide handlebars, mounted before floor and plush suspension system add up to a comfortable journey aboard the 1500 Classic. The speed, fuel gauge and warning lights are located on a central console at the top of the scale of 5.0 gallons fuel tank. A large diameter chrome halogen headlight illuminates the road and adds a distinctive aspect Classic.

Available in Black or a solid Two Tone Candy Cardinal red and Crystal White Pearl, the Vulcan 2008 Classic 1500 can be customized with a wide variety of faith Kawasaki accessories that are available through your local Kawasaki dealer.

– 1470cc / 90 feet. ”
– SOHC, 50 ° V-Twin
– 84.6 lbs.-ft. torque at 2,800 rpm
– Maintenance of motor temperature constant for long engine life and sustained power during prolonged use
– Auxiliary fan ensures low temperatures, even in traffic
Four valves per cylinder
– Compact combustion chamber of the engine decreases with the detonation of today low octane of gasoline
– Stimulates the low-end torque
– Offer a maximum area optimum flow valve
Electronic Fuel Injection
– Proceeds easy start, good performance, optimum performance and reduce exhaust emissions
Gear-Balancer engine and rubber engine
– The engine runs at a speed to cancel vibration
– Allows use of a single pin crankshaft without the heavy vibrations
– Engine rubber rose to eliminate all vibration, but all speeds
Five-speed transmission
– Five-speed transmission combines a large city around the acceleration with relaxed highway cruising
Positive Neutral Finder
– Allows you to move easily from first gear to neutral after coming to a stop, whenever
Drive Shaft
– Reliability, quiet and low maintenance
Chrome Wheels ray Wire
– Wide front and rear tires on sparkling 16-inch chrome wheels

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